Mandvi (Kutch)

Mandvi Kutch Top 10 places to visit

Go through the Best places in Mandvi during your Kutch trip with us. We are local Guides in Mandvi and know each and every interesting places of it.

People from the distant places visits this beach and enjoy the beauty of nature and vast seashore every day. In 1983, the first windmill project of Asia was established in Mandvi. Tourist can enjoy horse riding, camel riding, bike riding and many water sports.

Vijayvilas palace is point of attraction for the tourists. This prestigious palace was built on the sea shore by Jadeja rulers. It was constructed in the decade of 1920s.

Kranti tirth Shyamji krishna verma

A beautiful monument has been consturucted in the memory of our Freedom Fighter Shyamji Krishna Verma, who was born in Mandvi. This monument is kept open for tourist where people can see various historical documents related to him.

Shivmastu Jain Temple

Shivmastu Sadhna Kendra or Jain temple, is a symbol of samavasaran, which is sacred memorial and popular for Jains.

72 Jinalaya jain Temple

One of the well known temples of Jain, 72 Jinalays is about 10 km out-lying from Mandvi on Mandvi-Bhuj highway. The peaceful atmosphere is the identity of this place. 

Raval pir Beach Mandvi

Spend your evening at this pleasant temple on the Mandvi coast. A perfect place For those who want to stay away from the crowd.

Kashivishwanath Beach

Another wonderful place in the East direction of Mandvi is Kashivishvanath Beach. The temple of lord shiva named kashivishwanath is present here. The beach is known by the name of temple.

Ship museum mandvi

Ship museum, which is situated near the port area in mandvi is famuous for its ship models kept in exhibition.

Ship yard Kutch

Mandvi was one of the major ports in earlier times. Tourist can enjoy the under constructed ships at shipyard on the bank of Rukmavati river.

Flamingos in Rukmavati River

Aha..!! Its Time for Bird Photography. Due to favorable environment of mandvi, flamingos have permanently migrated to this place. Almost 50 to 60 flamingos can be found at any given time in Rukmavati River.

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