Who We Are?

A little about Us

WILD MARK is a team of Eco-Tourism professionals who are taking care of every tailor made package of yours towards the journey of the Jungles and Oceans of Gujarat. 

         Our first aim is to conserve the forest through making sensible tourism in your every package so that local communities and forest can survive simultaneously without any burden of the natural resources of our earth. 


Extraordinary Experiences

      Our every tour will give you Goosebumps and adrenaline rush whether it is our Jungle Safari, Scuba Diving & Snorkeling or Nature Trail Walk into the core of the forest. We will guide you for every package you choose with comfortable price with your safety and comfort from the different options and unseen locations of Forest to Aquatic life. 

         We are committed towards conservation and securing wild life species, protecting our water sources and recycling our waste because awareness of the Wild life conservation is core of all nature related activities.

Our Core Values

We, Wild Mark is a team of  Eco-tourism professionals & Environmental Degree Holders.

  • Our Team having a heartfelt knowledge about Forest and Ocean's Ecosystem
  • We are having a team of Wild & Marine Life experts, Ornithologist, Botanist, Astronomy expert, etc.
  • Our Wild and Marine life awareness sessions will increase your understanding about our Ecosystem.

Our Team

Abhinav Mehta
Mr. Abhinav Mehta
Yashesh Shah (Aquatic Biologist)
Mr. Yashesh Shah
Niki Rami (Aquatic Biologist)
Ms. Niki Rami


Kishan Prajapati (Botanist)
Kishan Prajapati

Join Us

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